Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our home

So I am way behind..... Since my last post of griping and complaining, we have bought a house! Ha. I find my impatience humorous from this side of things, because of how it all worked out. The address of our new 3 bed 1 bath house is 2579 Poplar St in Snellville, Ga. Why is this important? Well besides the obvious, my parents and my grandmother live on Poplar St. We bought the house literally next door to my grandmother and right around the corner from my parents . It's seems crazy to me to think back to when I was little that the house next to Mema would be mine, where I would raise my children. Pretty cool. It was a foreclosure, and I knew the lady who lived there. She lived there for 18 years, and has moved out of state. We were able to put a bid on it the day it went on the market, and had a contract on it within 10 days. It was as if God was saving this house just for us, which I know is the case, but really awesome to think about His Sovereignty and perfect timing in it all. We finally closed on July 30, over a month and a half after we got the contract. I wont bore with all of those details cause the bottom line is we are finally homeowners!
So then began the long overhaul of the house. It wasn't in bad shape, just mostly cosmetic, everything needed primer and paint, plus taking down wall paper, (not my favorite thing to do).
Finally after 2 months of 100s of hours of work, we are in the home stretch, just odds and ends now, We should be moving in this weekend! Im so excited!! I can not even tell you. Finally after nearly 4 years of living with my parents we are out! Many thanks to my parents for all they did for us. God is good and provides in the most amazing ways. Praise the Lord. Pics to come soon. :-)

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